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To Create a .pnt File

  1. Download Templates and PaintEd

  2. Save your finished designs as .tga (anywhere you like)
    tga files must be named correctly!
    • livery.tga (bike graphics)
    • bike_parts.tga (bike metal parts)
    • onboard.tga (handlebars / steering)
    • rider.tga (rider kit)
    • helmet.tga
    • gloves.tga
    • boots.tga

  3. Open PaintEd, click Dir Read button, and locate the folder where you saved your paints. When loaded, the filenames will appear on the left.

  4. Type in a name for you paint in the Name box, then click the Pack button.

  5. Save the .pnt file in the appropriate folder in the MX Bikes install directory:

livery, bike_parts, onboard:

MX Bikes/bikes/350xf/paints


MX Bikes/rider/paints


MX Bikes/rider/helmets/default/paints


MX Bikes/rider/gloves/


MX Bikes/rider/boots

bike livery, bike_parts, onboard files should be packed into the same .pnt file.

To Unpack a .pnt File

1) Click Paint Read, choose a .pnt file

2) Click Unpack, choose a directory to save to