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EDFexp is a legacy exporter for 3DS MAX 2010. For all other software use FBX2EDF

Exporter Options

Mesh : Export Skydomes (.edf) file
Map : Export the track geometry, textures & lighting (.map) file. Everything in the scene is exported
Collision : Export the track collision data (.trp) file. Only correctly named objects will be exported (for example, TRKASPH)


  1. Download the EDFexp plugin
  2. Place EdfExp2010p.dle in the 3DSMAX plugins folder (typically C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\plugins\)
  3. Load 3DSMAX

Exporting Track

  1. Delete anything from the scene that you don't want exported - everything in scene is exported including hidden objects.
  2. Ensure all collidable surfaces and objects are named correctly (refer to Track Creation Rules)
  3. File -> Export. Select EDFexp from the list. Name your track file, click save. This will bring up the exporter options window.
  4. For track geometry, you need to generate a graphics (MAP) file and a collision (TRP) file. Name all files the same.
  5. Now you should have 2 files in your export folder, track.map & track.trp. You can now open your track in TrackEd!