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To Create a .pnt file

1) Download Templates and PaintEd

2) Save your finished designs as .tga or .bmp in a new folder (can be anywhere you like)

For TK Kart Team skins

   tk_body.tga (the kart bodywork livery)
   tk_chassis.tga (the kart frame)
   tk_swheel.tga (the steering wheel foam)
   tk_hubs.tga (the wheel hubs)
   driver.tga (the driver suit)

For CRG Kart Team skins


For Helmet skins

   visor#2.tga (rain visor)

3) Open PaintEd, click Dir Read button, and locate the folder where you saved your paints. When loaded, the filenames will appear on the left.

4) Type in a name for you paint in the Name box, then click the Pack button.

5) Save the .pnt file in the appropriate folder in the install directory

for Karts & Driver Suit

   Kart Racing Pro\karts\t-kc1\paints\
   Kart Racing Pro\karts\t-kc3\paints\
   Kart Racing Pro\karts\t-ks1\paints\
   Kart Racing Pro\karts\c-kc1\paints\
   Kart Racing Pro\karts\c-kc3\paints\
   Kart Racing Pro\karts\c-ks1\paints\

for Helmets & Visors

   Kart Racing Pro\driver\paints\

To unpack a .pnt file

1) Click Paint Read, choose a .pnt file

2) Click Unpack, choose a directory to save to